Bowery Rose

Wooden Blue Blockers
KUGO Glasses
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Product description:

Bowery retro styling classic is the new addition to the KUGO Glasses world. Cat-eye frames are a perfect fit for you because you want to be seen differently, and you want to see differently. Bowery is fully wooden glasses, as we strongly emphasize sustainability in our products. 

Perfect choice for women. This cat-eye model is very chic and popular among women. The Bowery Rose model gives you a serious-looking attitude. The Bowery Rose model gives your face a totally different look. 

The exceptional color range is the motto of rosewood - the color varies depending on the subspecies. It changes from brown-orange through red-brown with subtle purple undertones to deep red.

Complete eye protection for you comes from KUGO lenses, developed and tested for maximum performance, combining 100% UV protection with blue light blocking ability. 

With the emphasis on the human origins and the natural circadian rhythms, KUGO lenses come in three different variants, each one serving its purpose.

KUGO 420 - Clear lenses, blocking 100% of the harmful blue light under 420nm and 45% of the blue light in the 420-450nm spectrum. Basic protection during the day mostly for people using diopters.

KUGO 460 - Slighty yellow-tinted lenses, blocking 100% blue light up to 460nm. The essential blue light protection during the day. The lenses eliminate the blue light peak we get from digital devices. The lenses are modifying the visual color spectrum very slightly. KUGO 460 lenses are revolutionary lenses that positively impact the lives of people all around the world.

KUGO 510 - Yellow-tinted lenses, blocking 100% light up to 510 nm. Regarding human origins, KUGO 510 will make your eyes relax during the late afternoon hours. If you are looking for glasses that ultimately eliminate the blue light, KUGO 510 lenses will work their magic and drastically improve your life. An easy way to instantly feel better.

KUGO 550 - Red-tinted KUGO lenses, blocking 100% of the blue and green light up to 550nm. Wearing KUGO 550 lenses 2 - 3 hours before bedtime makes you fall asleep instantly. By blocking the spectrum, it supports the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, even if you use digital devices. To ensure a good night's sleep in the digital age, red-tinted KUGO 550 lenses are the must-have lenses for everyone.

As with all the KUGO models, Bowery comes in the beautifully hand-made KUGO wooden case together with the KUGO cloth.

For prescription orders, the KUGO team needs to know your exact eye measurements. After concluding your purchase, our team will get back to you with the request to provide us with the correct pupillary distance (PD), power range, and cylinder measurements.

Grab your Bowery today!

Product dimensions:

KUGO Blue light blocking natural rose wood glasses Bowery – dimensions

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