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BIO Acetate Blue Blockers
KUGO Glasses
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The STANTON model is just a versatile choice for any occasion! 

Frame: Black or Tortoiseshell

The frame is crafted from a matte black/tortoiseshell material. The matte finish adds sophistication and pairs well with various outfits, whereas tortoiseshell and rich yellow tenited lenses creates a striking contrast. It features a classic rectangular silhouette with slightly pointed corners. This design is often referred to iconic wayfarer style. The pointed corners give it a modern twist. On the temples near the hinges, there’s a small, circular golden logo of KUGO glasses adding a touch of elegance. The arms extend straight back from the frame, curving gently downward at the ends to fit comfortably over the ears. The nose bridge is seamlessly integrated into the frame without additional padding or separate nose pads.

Furthermore Stanton, is made from a special mixture of wooden resin and bio-degradable compounds. Unlike traditional plastic frames, Stanton is made of bio-degradable acetate which is free from harmful substances like phtalates. It provides a unique and sustainable alternative to the plastic product world. With similar attributes to plastic, Stanton stands out in terms of style and sustainability. Stanton gives your body a pleasant touch of nature.


KUGO lenses provide complete eye protection with 100% UV protection and blue light blocking technology. 

With an emphasis on human origins and natural circadian rhythms, KUGO lenses come in different variants: 400, 450 and 550, Each one serving its own specific purpose to fitler UV, blue or blue&green light.

For day time wear, during you are working on pc, browsing your phone or playing a video game we have a yellow tinted lenses named KUGO 450 (number means the peak of nm those are being reduced). These yellow-tinted lenses, *reducing 80% of blue light up to 450nm-460nm. The essential blue light protection during the day. The lenses eliminate the blue light peak we get from digital devices. These lenses are revolutionary lenses that positively impact the lives of people all around the world.

*reducing and not blocking as some of the other manufactureres, read more here on why it is important only to reduce and not block.

For prescription orders, the KUGO team needs to know your exact eye measurements. After concluding your purchase, our team will get back to you with the request to provide us with the correct pupillary distance (PD), power range, and cylinder measurements.


KUGO Blue light blocking bio-degradable acetate glasses Stanton – dimensions

Stanton comes in a stunning, wooden KUGO case, along with a soft KUGO cloth, just like all our other KUGO models.
Come get in on our belief that sustainability is key with the classic Stanton styling.

Support your eyes to keep out of harmful artificial blue and green light,
Let your body feel the natural material,
Enjoy the style,
Choose Stanton.
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