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With the world going digital, we are creating a win-win partnership scenario.

More and more people are spending the majority of their time behind the screen. This can have a serious impact on their health and productivity (remember, a healthy employee is a happy employee). Your employees are your tribe, the people whose contribution to your company cannot be measured in hours and money. It is measured in the impact they have. Why not offer them something that is good for them? Why do you still offer the same benefits employees are hardly enjoying?

The problem is, the LED screen is emitting the spectrum of light, which is not only unhealthy for the human body, it is depleting it of the necessary energy. The color spectrum humans are naturally absorbing from the sun is vastly different from the spectrum LED screens are emitting.

The LED display is harmful to the human body, mostly at two intensity peaks, one at 460nm and one at 550nm. The hormonal balance of the human body is interfered with by these peaks and is playing a major role in overall human well-being. The solution for improving the overall well-being of your employees is to offer them glasses balancing the negative effects of the LED screen on their health.

KUGO Glasses SUN Spectrum vs Display Spectrum
KUGO Blue Light Blocking Glasses Oak Natural Wood 450 nm

Blue light wavelengths between 430 and 465 nm are directly related to the biggest health issue caused by the light emitting from the screens. The wavelengths can be eliminated by our KUGO 450 lenses.

The green wavelength, up to 550 nm, that the causing our circadian rhythms( internal body clock) to be disrupted during the evening hours. These wavelengths can be eliminated by using KUGO 550 lenses
More and more people are starting to notice the effect of the work behind the screens on their health. Take action and offer your people the exclusive gift, for which they will thank you later. Be the one caring about their health and well-being. Be the one creating the change you wish to see in the world. 


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