represents BIO and ECO way to help people improve their health condition.

In a gentle way you can shake the world.

Our Product

KUGO Glasses delivers premium quality, wooden blue light blocking glasses at affordable prices.


Our Story

In 2018, we started the KUGO Glasses with a vision of making quality blue light blocking glasses, affordable to everyone. As strong believers in better tomorrows, we decided to go all wooden. Fast forward to today, we created the glasses that can filter down all the harmful effects blue light has on our well being. We want to bring clarity to the world of blue light blocking glasses, as people often get confused what to choose. Having educated customer is the first step in order to make a purchase, which will ultimately lead to a better, healthier lifestyle. We want to inspire people to lead better lives. By creating KUGO Glasses, we want people to live their life based on their decisions and their dreams.

What we do

Modern Design


KUGO Glasses was created on the belief that great quality blue light blocking glasses should be affordable to everyone. By creating all wooden glasses, we strongly focus on the environment. We also plant the tree for every glasses sold. We do not just talk about the change, we are starting the change with ourselves.