How can you stay true to your origins

Thinking back about the primal human origins, the only natural light there was, and the natural source of light under which our bodies evolved, was the sun. For the past 100+ years, the only artificial light source available for the human was the incandescent light, which has very similar spectral signs as the sun itself. With the evolution of human society, the pressure grew to use more low-energy devices, so-called CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) and LEDs (light-emitting diodes). During the last 50 years, the sun-like incandescent light was almost completely replaced by LEDs.

Although technology has changed rapidly over the past century, the human body can not utilize itself so fast. The light spectrum provided naturally by the sun is very balanced, providing our body with the whole color spectrum—the difference between the spectral analysis of the sun and the LED.

 KUGO colour spectrum differences between sun and screens

Out of the comparison above, the difference is clearly visible, and if we want to accommodate the modern-day technology advancements, we have to eliminate the two key wavelengths that are not natural and are harmful to our health:

  1. Blue light wavelengths between 430 and 465 nm are directly related to the biggest health issue caused by the light emitting from the screens. The wavelengths can be eliminated by our KUGO 450 lenses
  2. The green wavelength, up to 550 nm, that the causing our circadian rhythms( internal body clock) to be disrupted during the evening hours. These wavelengths can be entirely eliminated by using KUGO 550 lenses


Wearing KUGO Glasses is the modern-day life hack to use the technology advancements to the full capabilities and stay true to your primal human origins.